Mountaineering - Why You Should Try It

Searching for a new way to exercise your muscles? Search no more. You should be climbing the mountains! Yes. There is nothing better than being out in the great outdoors while engaging in an activity that is both fun, challenging and right for your health. Here is what you need to know about mountaineering and why you should try it. 

Mountaineering is a widely popular pass time for many people. It provides a rare opportunity to get out into the wild and experience Mother Nature first hand. What's more? Mountain climbing helps you develop the stamina to walk for long hours at a time and provide you with sterling abilities to reach even the most challenging of peaks. Now, what most people don't tend to get about mountaineering is the fact that it is beyond just walking or trekking. It is not a fast paced exercise either, rather its one that will effectively build your endurance and stamina level. Treks can lasts for as little as 1 hour , or as much as 6 hours depending on the type you choose to take on. Some treks can even continue all through the night. Others may require you to maneuver around difficult obstacles to continue on your path, but it is not the same as having a full scale mountain to climb. The routes are safe and continuous on a steady inclination until you reach the summit or in some cases, the camp site. 

Mountain climbing is not a sport that teaches you only about exercise, but one that helps you learn about yourself. Some findings have it that a climbing mountains provides you the opportunity to reflect on your everyday life; Helping you to achieve clarity about certain scenarios. So it's beyond just exercising the body, the Mind benefits too. 

It is recommended that mountain climbing is safer, when it is not just you on the adventure. Group climbing is advisable. Apart from the angle of safety, being within a group will provide you personal time and also gives you the opportunity to learn about comradeship. There is power in team work. Experience has it that even the most energetic person can struggle to reach the summit of a mountain alone, much more than when he is with a team. Another thing you can get in team climbing is bonding. This can help you get through pain or stress that you would have carried alone. Team work is key, especially when you choose to conquer some of the highest mountains that exists in the world. While climbing you will find that you are learning skills that will truly enrich your lifestyle. One of such skills is persistence. Because climbing makes you stretch beyond your normal will, one virtually becomes persistent going on, rather than come all the way down, defeated. Mountain climbing thus tests one's character, helping you discover that you indeed have far more strength within yourself than you ever thought possible; a confident booster needed to thrive in life.