Be Safe

Be Safe and Ready for Mountain Climbing

In our last article, we wrote about four practical tips which you should keenly consider if you want to have a hitch free and enjoyable experience on mountain climbing. The article revealed that the drive to climb the highest peak in a country was among the most sought-after outdoor activity. 

In this article, which is a continuation of the previous, we will discuss about six additional tips which will help you be prepared better for that awesome climb you have always wanted. Here they are:

  1. Get your flashlights all ready. Weather changes. You should beprepare. You can never be sure that when you climb up during day time, your way will be all bright. With the many trees and boulders along the trail paths, there are chances that your path will be dark. Also, you may climb well into the nights. So it becomes imperative your have a functional flashlights or headlamps. Don't leave them behind.
  1. Let first aid kit be among your first packs. With mountain climbing there is a risk of getting involved in accidents and suffer from cuts and bruises. Items to Include in your first aid kit includes adhesive bandage and tape, antibiotic ointment, pain killers, and a small bottle of hydrogen peroxide or iodine antiseptic.
  1. Bring with you enough water. You can't afford to get dehydrated. When you are approaching the summit of a mountain, getting thirsty is a common occurrence, almost inevitable. You will need all the water you can get!
  1. A duct tape can save. Save one! Experts have recommended that a roll of duct tape can be your best friend on the mountains as it helps you fix anything that is broken. A very strong wind, for instance can tear your tenth apart. As times like that, a duct tape can seal the damaged and boom! Your tent is fixed.
  1. Ensure you enjoy the climb. Mountain climbing is not all about conquering the apex of a mountain. It is also about savoring every single sight and sound that you encounter on your way up; the scenery, the flora and fauna that you get to see as you move your feet and body towards the top.
  1. Be a responsible climber. Pick up the trash! Whatever it is you take up there, see to it that it comes back down with you. This means that nothing is left behind, including your trash.

Enjoy your mountain climbing experience, see you at the top!